9 Tips For Every Vegan Bodybuilder

Most people believe that if a person wants to build great muscle, he/she have to eat meat. But saying no to meat doesn’t make a person less than the person who eats meat. There are lot of vegan protein sources that can help someone stay up with the regular protein intake.

Today we have brought in a few tips, which can help you get the best out of bodybuilding even if you’re a vegan or vegetarian.

#1 Proper Protein Intake

Protein is the most important nutrient for bodybuilding and meats are very rich in proteins and that the reason why people prefer meat over anything else.

Being a vegan, it is the most important thing to take care of your protein intake otherwise you may end up losing before getting into the battle.

Eat spinach, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, mushrooms, parsley on a regular basis as they are very rich in protein.

Additionally, milk and eggs are also rich in protein, so if you are kind of eggetarian, you can have these foods as well.

#2 Sufficient Calories 

Sufficient calorie intake is another very important part of bodybuilding. Never increase or decrease the calorie intake as it may have an adverse effect on your body.

So, it’s advised to understand which food contains how much amount of calories and hence eat accordingly.

A normal body requires 1500 to 2500 calories per day, depending upon several factors.

#3 Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

For vegans, fruits and vegetables are the best source of nutrition and also provides antioxidant protection to keep your immune system feeling strong, so eat as much as possible.

But even with eating fruits, maintain the calorie intake ratio.

#4 Leave Rice or Replace with Quinoa

If you are the one who eats rice daily, then you have to either leave the habit or replace it with something similar in taste such as quinoa.

Quinoa is rich in protein, so it will also maintain your daily protein intake.

#5 Leave Processed Food

It doesn’t matter whether you eat meat or not, if you are intaking processed foods on a large value, every effort will be worthless.

So, always try to eat food which includes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

#6 Keep Workouts Short but Intense

Being a vegan, it is advised to do short but intense workouts as it prevents muscle mass loss from taking place. Experts say that doing a workout for longer duration may increase protein requirement suddenly, which could become a problem for vegans.

#7 Use Nuts as Fuel

We all know that Nuts are very rich in fat and also provides a long-lasting form of energy. One handful of nuts every day helps the body to gain muscle easily.

#8 Eat Less But Frequently

Even doctors say that eating less but frequently is a healthy practice as it helps to maintain the flow of energy throughout the body all the time. Another major impact of this habit is, it prevents obesity.

#9 Stay Positive

At the end, the most important thing is, “never lose hope, try hard to achieve your goal”. Keep yourself always positive and keep putting your 100% all the time.

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