Why More and More People Are Going with Vegan Diets

In today’s world, most meat eaters ask why people are turnings into vegan on a large scale and by the time you reach the end of the article, you won’t be surprised to see why the preference of vegan diets is skyrocketing in today’s world.

First of all, a person becomes vegan not only because of health reasons but also because of ethical reasons involving animal rights or some environmental factors. According to a PETA published article, around 2.5 percent of US population is vegan and the count is increasing day by day. Also, many get confuse between veganism and vegetarianism and might assume they are the same but which is not true.

Vegans don’t eat anything which comes from an animal origin while vegetarians don’t eat stuff containing meat only. Most people who eat eggs say themselves, a vegetarian.

As far as the cause why people are going with vegan diets over eating meat, is concerned, there are three major reasons:

1. Animal Rights

vegan diets importance

People who love animals and don’t like animals to be killed for feeding someone, fall under this category. They prefer to stick with vegetable just to ensure that they are not encouraging the slaughter of any animals.

Simply put, veganism is a lifestyle which believes that animals are not for our use and hence we (humans) have no right to either kill or harm them for our sake.

2. Environment

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By just changing your food preferences or habits, you can contribute a lot to save our environment.

Well, here is the few points how vegans contribute a lot in saving the environment:

  • In the US only, around 70 percent of water is used to raise animals for feeding humans, which clearly is a huge waste of water.
  • Preparing a meat related dish emits more carbon than a normal vegetarian dish. And we all know that carbon is not so good for our environment.
  • Over 30 percent of the land is used to raise animals for food. This data includes the land used for producing their food and grazing fields. The sad part is, we (humans) also clear forests to raise animals for food.
  • Around 70 percent of grains are grown to feed these animals, which is directly waste of food. Imagine how many people we could feed with that food.
  • To produce one pound of animal protein, we require 12 times more resources (including fuel and water) than it takes to produce one pound of soy protein.

3. Health


vegan diets good for health

Several studies have cleared the fact that those who eat animal fats and proteins on large scale, pose a larger risk of developing cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, heart disease, and much more.

So, it’s a wrong conception that meats can only complete your healthy diet.

According to a study, carried out on half-a-million people, which reveals that those who eat red meat or processed meat on a regular basis, have lesser lifespan than those who are vegans.

Another study shows that people on plant-based diets either minimize or completely eliminate their genetic propensity to developing chronic diseases. So, you can still get vegan protein sources to meet up with your protein intake.

So, just by changing our food habits, we not only support our environment but also support our health.

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